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 The timeline is:

  • March 24:   EA Executive Board ratifies election rules and membership roll
  • April 7:        Nomination forms posted to Education Austin website
  • April 21:      Last date to submit nominations (deadline: 4:45 PM)
  • May 2:         Ballots mailed to members
  • May 30:       Last day for ballots to be received through U.S. mail in the post office box 
  • May 31:       Ballots counted and results posted to website

3-year contracts for Austin ISD workers approved by school board

Nov. 13 NEA Today: Lanier High School Gives a Lesson in Real Education Reform

Next fall, Mauricio Ramos will enter the University of Texas at Arlington to major in computer science. “My career goal is to become a computer programmer, definitely,” he says. When he was in his early teens, however, that didn’t seem imaginable to Mauricio or to his teachers. Like a lot of kids growing up in his East Austin neighborhood, Mauricio was making all the wrong choices. “Bad influences were sending me down the wrong path. I needed something to change. Luckily for me, I went to Lanier.”