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Be a Light in the Struggle for Human Rights by Mario Itzel Suarez

 Published in the San Antonio Express-News, August 8, 2014

 "I had been at the school for two years. My fellow teachers and co-workers knew me as a caring, honest and good teacher. They decided to put pressure on the principal so I wouldn't have to transfer. I was overwhelmed to learn that many of the established teachers in the school talked to our local teachers union and individually to the principal, causing him to let the issue go. I felt a huge amount of relief and gratitude..."


Sign the Petition to Support Gables Construction Workers

To sign the petition:                                                                                 

Workers Defense Projects's campaign to win better conditions and fair compensation for workers on Gables construction sites is going STATEWIDE Saturday, June 14th!



Congratulations to the following people who have been elected to serve as Education Austin Officers and Executive Board Members:


President -- Ken Zarifis

Vice President for Certified Employees -- Montserrat Garibay

Vice President for Classified Employees -- Trasell Underwood

Treasurer --  Karen Barnes

Recording Secretary -- Victoria Finnegan

Executive Board:


Steve Coyle

Alex Dubon

Linda Fleming

Eva Gonzalez

Lisa Pannell


Election Ballots Mailed; Candidate Statements Posted

The ballots for the biennial Education Austin election were posted to the U.S. mail Monday, May 12th.  Please look for them to arrive soon.

Candidate statements and photographs are to be found below the list of the candidates nominated

The following nominees filed for officer positions, and were unopposed, and are duly elected:

Ken Zarifis - President

Montserrat Garibay - Executive Vice President for Certified Employees

Karen Barnes - Treasurer

Victoria Finnegan - Recording Secretary